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It is an alloy that, even if is transformed at room temperature, it starts returning to its former shape when heating it beyond a certain temperature or transformation point. Our company develops the usage of ferrous shape memory alloys, though titanium and the nickel shape memory alloys invented in Japan are also well known.

It is applied to couplings for the end part of a curved pipe in tunnel construction and joint bars for crane rails.

Fe - 32Mn - 6Si
Fe - 28Mn - 6Si - 5Cr
Fe - 20Mn - 5Si - 8Cr - 5Ni
Fe - 16Mn - 5Si - 12Cr - 5Ni

In a ferrous shape memory alloy, when the transformation is added in the state of "Austenite phase" that is the parent phase, it gives priority more to "Slipping transformation" and the change in the crystal "Stress-induced martensitic transformation" is caused for a usual metal.

In "Slipping transformation" the crystal cannot be returned to former shape, and when "Martensite aspect" is returned to "Austenite phase" that is the parent phase by heating to a suitable temperature (more than transformation point), it is possible to restore to the original shape, when transformed by "Stress-induced martensitic transformation".


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Characteristics and applications of Shape Memory Alloy


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Y-Ba-Cu-O Bulk Superconductor

Fig.1 The bulk superconductors reinforced by SMA ring.
(left: without resin coat. right: with resin coat.)

Fig. 2 Sample of trapped magnetic field.
The sample was cooled at -196℃ and external magnetic field was 1 tesla.

Fig. 3 The reinforcement effect by the SMA ring.
When the bulk superconductors with ring and without ring were cooled down rapidly from 400℃ to -196℃, the sample without ring broke.
On the other hand, the sample with ring did not break by thermal shock.

Superconducting materials as wire carry huge current because there is no electrical resistance of the materials cooled below critical temperature.
Bulk superconductors are block of superconductor materials, the bulk superconductors can trap magnetic field, and the bulk superconductors can be used as very strong magnets.
In addition, the bulk superconductors levitate above permanent magnet and the levitating ability is very stable. Therefore, the bulk superconductor can be used as flywheel energy storage system and mixer no-contact for manufacturing of medicine.

However, the bulk superconductors of ceramics are very brittle and the price of the materials is expensive.
Our company developed bulk superconductor reinforced by an iron system shape memory alloy (SMA) ring.
Additionally, we established technology to make the bulk superconductors by popular materials and furnace.

Furthermore, the bulk superconductors corrode by water, and we can coat surface of the bulk superconductors using special resin (Fig. 1 Right).

The specifications of bulk superconductor

(1)Type: Y-Ba-Cu-O
1. The sample with SMA ring without resin coatDiameter:41㎜(Size of bulk: 37㎜)
2. The sample with SMA ring and resin coatDiameter:41㎜ (Size of bulk: 37㎜)

【The sample of trapped magnetic field】

1. When external magnetic field of 1 tesla was applied to the sample cooled at -196℃, the sample can trap magnetic field of 0.9 tesla.
2. When external magnetic field of 5 tesla was applied to the sample cooled at -231℃, the sample can trap magnetic field of 4.6 tesla.

We start to sale the few bulk superconductors.
The bulk superconductor of single crystal, poly crystal and various shapes can be made.
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Numerical analysis

Various Molding Simulation by FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

Awaji is striving for trouble free production and expansion of production range for various pipe couplings. The Finite Element Analysis method is utilized for the above.

Numerical analysis Numerical analysis

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