For the purchase of Butt Weld Fittings (seamless and welded) and Threaded Connections for oilwells, please consider Awaji Materia. ASK supplies fittings to the world.

Welding Fittings Division - The fittings of Awaji Materia -

Awaji Materia's Fittings Products Market and Support

Introduction to Our Fittings

Pipes and tubes play an important role in the efficient supply of liquids and gases for internal use in factories. Butt Weld Fittings are parts used in connecting steel pipes that make up a piping system.
Our fittings are not always visible, but they play an important role in constituting the network of the steel pipes inside power stations or petroleum plants, office and residential buildings and ocean-going vessels.
Awaji products are JIS and ISO9001approved. The products are also approved by end users including many major petroleum and chemical companies.

Manufacturing Process

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  • Welding Fittings Division - The fittings of Awaji Materia are used around the world. -
  • Mechanical Processing Division - We manufacture metallic products that are developed using a coupling technique. -
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