For the purchase of Butt Weld Fittings (seamless and welded) and Threaded Connections for oilwells, please consider Awaji Materia. ASK supplies fittings to the world.

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We, Awaji Materia Co., Ltd., take very seriously the protection of customer’s personal information. Disseminating personal information to third persons, without permission from the customer is never done. In administrating our site, we respect the privacy of our visitors, and consider the protection of personal information as very important.

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Never disseminating , offering or transferring customer's personal information to a third party except for the following cases.

When there is a request from the third party with the legal force power

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  • Our Business - Our products are used in the following areas -
  • Welding Fittings Division - The fittings of Awaji Materia are used around the world. -
  • Mechanical Processing Division - We manufacture metallic products that are developed using a coupling technique. -
  • R&D Division - Continuous development of our technology supports future growth. -