For the purchase of Butt Weld Fittings (seamless and welded) and Threaded Connections for oilwells, please consider Awaji Materia. ASK supplies fittings to the world.

Our Business

Our products are used in the following areas


Our products are used in a variety of fields, which are fundamental to society such as petroleum refineries, chemical plants, heating and cooling systems, the shipbuilding industry, air conditioning and plumbing systems in buildings where you work and live.

AMK products play important roles at various invisible areas.

Energy and Utilities

Nuclear power plants, Thermal power stations, Gas supply conduits, Water pipe systems

Key Industries

Petroleum Refineries, Steel and Paper mills

Shipbuilding Industry

Large-Sized (VLCC) Oil Tankers, LNG Tankers

IT Industry

Semi-conductor Manufacturing Factories, Liquid Crystal Panel Manufacturing.

Hygiene Industry

Hospitals & Pharmaceutical Factories

Food Industry

Breweries, Soda Manufacturing and Food Distribution centers.

Environmental Facilities

Garbage Incineration , Drainage Treatment Facilities, PCB Processing Institutions


Sprinklers for HVAC cooling & heating systems and disaster prevention etc. for shopping centers and skyscrapers.

Tunnel Construction

"AGF processing steel tubes" are used to reinforce the ground in public works projects.


Threaded Joint for OCTG Pipe

Ground Reinforcement

Micro-Pile Pipe.

At Awaji, the focus is on safety and the technical development of our products in response to many critical demands.

Introduction of Business Division

  • Our Business - Our products are used in the following areas -
  • Welding Fittings Division - The fittings of Awaji Materia are used around the world. -
  • Mechanical Processing Division - We manufacture metallic products that are developed using a coupling technique. -
  • R&D Division - Continuous development of our technology supports future growth. -